Research Platforms

Research Platforms

InnoCentre of Clinical Neuropsychology

The Innocentre of Clinical Neuropsychology is the translational arm of the SKLBCS. The goal is to develop and validate potential diagnostic and intervention protocols for patients suffering from neurodegenerative changes and/or neurocognitive/affective deficits.

Laboratory of Sleep Sciences

The Sleep Research Unit endeavours to understand how sleep affects our daily function and our physical and mental well-being. Our ultimate goals are to translate research into practice and to inform the development of treatments and interventions to improve sleep and health.

Neuroimaging Unit

The Neuroimaging Unit is equipped with a 3T MRI scanner for neuroimaging research.

Wet Lab

The Wet Lab is equipped with commonly used equipment for cellular, biochemical and molecular experiments including: Biological Safety Cabinet II (BSC II), MiniAMP Plus Thermal Cycler, ID3 Microplate Reader, Low Temperature Centrifuge, and Fluorescent Microscopic, etc.